Welcome to the Narratives and Documents of the People of Color at the Redding Encampment

CrisRadio welcomes you to read and hear its stories and original documents by and about the forgotten people who lived in and served the Redding Encampment during the American Revolution.

Forgotten Voices, Forgotten Patriots

An audio introduction to people of color at the Redding Encampment.

For centuries race-based slavery was practiced in New England. A myth endures that this was relatively “good slavery” compared to the plantation systems of the American South. New England slavery was different, but not better. Unlike indentured servitude, race-based slavery created a permanent underclass of forced laborers who were denied rights based on the color of their skin. Service in the Patriot Army during the American Revolution was a rare route to manumission for enslaved Americans.

CONTENT WARNING: Please be advised that some of the 18th-century primary sources used to produce this podcast contain terms and descriptions for ancestral, racial, and ethnic identity that may be offensive. This language has not been censored. Listen at your discretion. Authors: Peter Moran, Anna Fossi, and Dana Meyer.

Forgotten Voices, Forgotten Patriots podcast.

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